Friday, 13 September 2013

Running,jogging,Train on the net best tips

To continue in the running, try training on the net. You may be more familiar Nike. The famous sports brand associated with Ipod Macintosh to monitor its foot races and share their progress among the community 'Nike + iPod'.
Only hinders the price! It should already have an iPod. Then a pair of Nike Plus, where you can insert a small chip adaptable to Ipod ... also pay. Result of the operation: 300 euros minimum.
To improve your results and be part of a community of runners, you can also log on Jiwok . A website created by two sports enthusiasts and in partnership with Jogging International, CREPS Montpelier and Polar (watches calculating the heart rate). Their goal: to provide training for beginners to advance riders, but also regular and confirmed. All this for free!
The principle is simple. Just have a mp3 player of any brand. Then, depending on

What is Microkinesitherapy?between psychology and physiotherapy

The Microkinesitherapy is an amazing technique of micro-palpation of the body, provided by a specially trained physiotherapist. For 40 minutes, a specialist support with both hands on points throughout the body, on the interconnected areas.

Abandonment, transfer, death ... According to these practitioners, when life events are poorly lived, they affect the body. They can then create all kinds of chronic diseases such as back pain, allergies or depression.
Feeling in his fingers a bad vibration in certain tissues, microkinésithérapeute can explain the origin of the pain, and the date - almost to the year - at which the event occurred.
Here is the "scientific" explanation of the inventors of the technique: the body is derived from a single cell after fertilization. By dividing billions of times, the egg gives rise to various tissues of the body. And nerve

Best pregnancy advice,Baby blues and if it was hypothyroidism?

Fatigue, weight gain, dark thoughts ... One in ten women would be affected by hypothyroidism after pregnancy. But this disease is rarely detected as often misconceived as "baby blues".
The baby blues are. A little anxiety, sadness or fatigue that occur three to ten days after the pregnancy and disappear as rapidly nothing abnormal. 30 to 80% of young mothers are concerned. But if this state of depression continues, if accompanied by weight gain and severe fatigue: it is perhaps hypothyroidism. It concerns 10-20% of women after pregnancy while only 1% are detected.
During pregnancy, the defense system of the body is very tolerant. He must leave the fetus - which is a foreign body in the mother's body - develop, without attacking. But after giving birth, there is often a rebound of immunity. That is to say that the immune system can have violent reactions for no apparent reason. In this case, women with a predisposition to thyroid disease are at risk of seeing their defense system spontaneously rebel against their thyroid gland is hypothyroidism. As a result, they attacked gland can not produce enough thyroid hormone. Molecules which are essential to life: they regulate many bodily functions such as digestion, heart rate, weight, the nervous system ...

How to weight loss by prefer light Dinner!

If there is no scientific evidence to prove that eating late at night promotes weight gain, doctors and patients realize from experience.

If calorie intake is the same for a person dining sooner or later, there should be no difference between them. Yet the night eaters tend to eat more. As they rajoutaient mini meal in dinner, a sort of fourth meal.

Also, eat a big meal just before bedtime raises the levels of triglycerides in the blood for some time. And high triglyceride levels are associated with the metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance, themselves associated with weight gain.

It could be that the evening meals are more easily stored because m

Anti-cellulite cream, must be good!

Already after 6 days I feel discouraged tapping me! Early last week I made the bet to apply an anti-cellulite cream for 28 days without fail. And that is ultimately more difficult than I thought. That has been in this case? A forget to spread immediately after the shower to get ready to leave for the day's work and having to undress quickly to carry out the sacred daily massage?

Olala, what a pain! Although the act does not take much time, and the cream is quite easy to apply, there is this feeling of "why bother", hoping that no one enters the bathroom unexpectedly and surprise my strong wind the cream bottom to top. What could I answer "? Bah what you do" ...

Unable to explain is professional secret! If some

How to Slim with a simple exercise?

Here's a good exercise that uses deep adductor muscles (inner thighs) and glutes.
• -           Lying on the floor, his hands along the body, palms facing the ceiling. Feet together, heels on the ground, near the buttocks;
• -           Without relying hands, raise the pelvis slightly towards the ceiling. Without lifting the upper back. It is a movement of small amplitude, where the iliac spines simply coast is closer;
• -           Keeping up the pelvis, knees tighten up. As if you had a ball in between, and you want to overwrite it;
• -           You will feel a contraction in the inner thighs and at the glutes. Stay as long as possible, until the thighs or buttocks begin to tremble.
• -           Take a break for 30 seconds and try again!

How to get fit with the vibrating plate?

It is not site name, but I tested yesterday the famous big black vibrating plate, great design, and super expensive too! (25 € for 30 minutes in my neighborhood!)
During the test session, it comes dressed in sportswear, just to get in condition. Then, after a brief scientific-technical explanation of the process, we installed a coach standing on the machine, knees slightly bent, hands clinging to the bars not to fall. And poof, it's gone for 3 minutes vibration!
Printing: no really! At least for the beginning.
And throughout the 20-minute session, the coach changed my position to raise my chest like doing abdominal buttocks on the plate, then as to pump hands on the machine ... every time, must be 3 minutes in position by the time the machine stops vibrating.
Review of session: I remain very doubtful!
The fitness trainer that I did not really feel any muscle or heart feeling ... The coach was interested in four different clients at the same time, so it does not really come correct me when my position deteriorated during vibration.